Ayesha Haider, Jahanzeb Khan, Sohail Kamran


Studies on fatal firearm injuries have been published in various countries. However, their pattern and incidence in various regions of Pakistan has largely gone unreported.
The aim of the study was to assess age, gender and location of injuries on the body by firearm weapons.
Study Design:
This was a descriptive study.
Place & duration of study:
The study was performed on data collected from mortuary at DHQ TeachingHospitalDera Ismail Khan KPK during 1 Jan 2013 to 31 Dec 2013.
76 cases of firearm homicidal deaths were brought by police for autopsy examination at DHQ Teaching Hospital Dera Ismail Khan. These cases included both sexes of all age groups. Manner of death was decided on the basis of police inquest & autopsy report. The relevant Data was collected using pre tested questionnaire byinformation from the police record along withpostmortem examination of the victims and was statistically analyzed.

Firearm homicidal deaths predominantly occurred in young males residing in a rural locality. The peak incidence was between20-30 years in males and in females the age group most prone was 31-40 years. Male to female ratio was 6:1. The Head neck face (34.2%) followed by the multiple regions, chest and abdomen were the areas primarily targeted.
Thehomicidal firearm injuries were most commonly foundinadult males of young age group.Head neck facemost frequently sustained injuriesas compared to other parts of the body.
Key Words: Firearm injury; gunshot wounds; trauma incidence; trauma care, Autopsy


Firearm injury; gunshot wounds; trauma incidence; trauma care; Autopsy

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