Afzal Qasim, Muhammad Inam Qureshi, Darshan kumar, Muhammad Umar Khan


Among various risk factors, the most important is diabetes and its prime form, type 2 diabetes mellitus
(T2DM), and has idiosyncratic connection with coronary heart disease (CHD). Diabetes patients have two- to
four-fold higher threat of developing coronary disease than the people without diabetes, and cardio-vascular
disease (CVD) is responsible for an irresistible 65-75 per cent of deaths in people with diabetes. Moreover considerably
the age and sex-adjusted mortality risk in diabetic patients without pre-existing coronary artery disease
was found to be equal to that of non-diabetic individuals with prior myocardial infarction (MI). These incredible
results concerning higher risk of mortality have led to doubt that widespread precursors predispose to diabetes
and CHD with subsequent implications that insulin resistance, visceral adiposity, and excess inflammation cause
the pathophysiology of thrombogenesis. In addition, a complex mix of mechanistic processes such as oxidative
stress, enhanced atherogenecity of cholesterol particles, abnormal vascular reactivity, augmented haemostatic
activation, and renal dysfunction have been proposed as features characteristic of T2DM that may confer excess
risk of coronary heart disease.


Idiosyncratic; Pathophysiology; Thrombogenesis; Atherogenecity Visceral Adiposity

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