Perioperative use of Antibiotics in Cosmetic Surgery: A Comparison among Members of Two Associations

Muhammad Ahmad, Syed Shahid Hussain, Saleem Akhtar Malik


Background: Antibiotic prophylaxis is considered mandatory in patients who are at high risk for infection. Many surgeons use antibiotic prophylaxis in clean operations as well. This study was conducted to know the practice of peri-operative use of antibiotics among members of two associations in plastic surgery.

Material & Methods: A questionnaire on use of peri-operative antibiotics was sent to 100 members and fellows each of American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPR) and British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) by e-mail in May 2006. Responses collected in 2 months were analysed. The survey questionnaire included questions regarding use of peri-operative antibiotics, when these were given, who gave it, what was the mode of administration, how was it documented and the duration of use.

Results: Out of 200 surgeons contacted, 132 responded. 78% from AAFPR and 54% from BAAPS used perioperative antibiotics. 92% of AAFPR and 96% of BAAPS members used antibiotics on case to case basis. Only 2.6% of AAFPR and none of BAAPS members used antibiotics routinely in all cases. Members of AAFPR (71%) and BAAPS (74%) used 1st and 2nd generation cephalosporins. Majority of AAFPR (87%) and BAAPS members (79%) ordered anaesthesia staff to administer antibiotics. 67% of AAFPR and 65% of BAAPS used antibiotics just before operation. 32% from AAFPRS and 35% from BAAPS used antibiotics within half an hour.

Conclusion: Use of prophylactic peri-operative antibiotics is a common practice in facial plastic surgery. The documentation and pattern varies widely among the surgeons.

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