Farzeen Khan, Farhat R Malik, Zia Ul Ain Sabiha, Aisha Ali, Tanzeela Saba, Husna Hanif Zai, Kiran Ghazala, Huma Qayyum, Asia Komal, GulNaz Arif, Yusaira Arif


Background: The nutritional status of a woman before and during pregnancy is important for a healthy pregnancy outcome. The objective of the study was to determine association of maternal BMI with newborn birth weight and maternal height with baby crown heel length.
Material & Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in the department of Community Health Sciences, Peshawar Medical & Dental College, Peshawar, Pakistan from November 2015 to April 2016. A sample of 250 pregnant females in their third trimester and their 250 newborn babies was taken from the labour rooms. Pregnant females with past medical history of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, past history of surgical intervention, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia were excluded. The demographic variable was age group. The research variables were maternal BMI, newborn birth weight, maternal height and fetal crown heel length. The categorical variables were analyzed by using frequency and percentages whereas numeric variables were analyzed through mean, SD. A structured questionnaire was used to collect the data and analyzed by SPSS Version-16.
Results: Out of 250 pregnant women, 48.8% were in 15-25 years, 46.8% in 25-35 years & 4.4% in 35-45 years. Maternal BMI was 26.96±4.44 kg/m2 with a range of 26 kg/m2 (18-44). Maternal height was 61.35±3.43 inches with a range of 31 inch(47-78). Newborn weight was 3.41±0.56 kg with a range of 3.5 kg(1.5-5.0). Fetal crown heel length was 47.53±4.05 cm with a range of 22 cm(35-57). There was a positive significant association between maternal BMI and newborn birth weight. There was a positive significant association between maternal height and newborn crown heel length.
Conclusion: The study concluded that healthy mothers deliver healthy babies.


Pregnancy outcome; Pregnancy; Nutritional Assessment.

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