Abdul Razaq Khan, Taj Muhammad, Aden Razaq


Background: Dyslipidemia is one of the major risk factors for cardiovascular disease in diabetes mellitus. Dyslipidemia was highly prevalent in all the geopolitical zones with the consistent pattern being low HDL-Cholesterol and high LDL-Cholesterol. The prevalence of dyslipidemia ranged from 60% among apparently healthy to 89% among diabetic. To determine Frequency of dyslipidemia in newly-detected type-2 diabetics.
Material & Methods: This cross sectional descriptive study was conducted at department to general Medicine, Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital, Bannu over 189 patients of type-2 diabetics from January 2017 to November 2017 lipid profile was carry out, once the patients were diagnosed. To find out dyslipidemia.
Results: Out of 189 patients, 123 were males and 66 females with age range of 35-80 years (Means 57.61 years ±10.25 SD). Over all frequency of dyslipidemia in newly-detected type-2 diabetics (T2DM) were observed in 71.4%
Conclusion: The present study provides evidence to suggest that lipid variables are associated with each other in T2DM patient among the population in this part of the world which aggravates the atherogenic process.


Dyslipidemias; Prevalence; Diabetes mellitus.

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