Acute Appendicitis: An Audit of 663 Cases

Salim Khattak, Saddique Aslam, Asghar Kamal


Background: Acute appendicitis is a common surgical emergency. This study was conducted to analyze the cases of appendicitis with reference to history, clinical and operative findings in relation to postoperative complications.

Methodology: This case control study was carried out at surgical ward of DHQ Hospital D.I. Khan from January 1st 2001 to Dec 31st 2002. Total number of 633 cases of acute appendicitis admitted to surgical ward was included in this study. A printed proforma was used for the collection of data. All the patients received post operative treatment in ward. Complications in the ward and after discharge were compiled.

Results: Out of total 663 cases, 447 were male and 216 female in the ratio of 2:1. Peak age incidence is 2nd (53.7%) and 3rd (21.4%) decade. Inflamed appendix was most common operative finding n = 531(80%), followed by perforated n = 76 (11.46%) appendix and normal cases were 56(8.44%). Among the complications, wound infection 18.55% (n = 123), bleeding 0.75% (n = 5), paralytic ileus 4.07% (n = 27), intraabdominal abscess 7.84(n= 52), intestinal obstruction 3.61% (n = 24) and one case of DVT were noted. Higher rate of complication was seen in cases presenting late.

Conclusion: Delay in reaching the hospital and getting treatment from non qualified health care workers result in more complications and increased morbidity. Regulatory mechanism needs to be enforced effectively.

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