Antifungal activity of Tamarix dioica — an in vitro study

Saifullah Khan, Gul Majid Khan, Saifullah Mehsud, Abdur Rahman, Farid Khan


Objective: To investigate the antifungal activity of crude extract of leaves of Tamarix dioica tree.

Material and Methods: Antifungal activity of crude extract of T. dioica leaves was studied. The extract was dissolved in Dimethyl Sulfoxide, then six strains of fungi were subjected to crude extract separately by agar tube dilution method. Inhibitory effect of extract in millimeters was determined.

Results: Crude extract possess significant activity against A. flavis and M. canis while moderate activity against F. solani.

Conclusion: From this study it is concluded that T. dioica can be used topically as an antifungal agent.

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