Role of fine needle aspiration cytology in evaluating the Breast Lumps

Samiullah , Saifur Rehman, Manzoor Ali, Ajmal Khan, Yasi Khalili, Anwar Ali, Amreek Lal


Background: Fine needle aspiration cytology is an evaluation tool for the breast lumps. This study was conducted to evaluate the results of fine needle aspiration cytology in comparison with open biopsy.

Material & Methods: This was a comparative study conducted at Saidu Teaching Hospital, Swat, from July 2007 to December 2010. Total 210 patients were included in the study, who presented with breast lump to outpatients department. Fine needle aspiration cytology and open biopsy (excisional/incisional) were performed simultaneously under local or general anesthesia.

Results: The diagnostic yield of fine needle aspiration cytology was 95.2% (200/210 cases) accurately diagnosed compared with results of open biopsy 100%. The results of 3 cases were suspicious and 7 were unsatisfactory on fine needle aspiration cytology.

Conclusion: Fine needle aspiration cytology is a sensitive and specific test for evaluation of the breast lumps. It should be the first line investigation in evaluating the breast lumps.

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