Correlation of Beta-2 Microglobulin with serum creatinine and creatinine clearance in patients with different levels of renal function

Shahjahan , Riffat Yasmin, Muhammad Amin Jan Mahsud, Mahnoor Khan, Jawaid Subzwari, Javaid Hussain


Background: Chronic kidney disease is a major health problem in Pakistan. Serum creatinine is the most common test used to assess renal function. This study was aimed to evaluate the levels of β2 Microglobulin and creatinine in individuals with different levels of renal function and to see the correlation between these biomarkers.

Material & Methods: Total subjects included in the study were 88; 50 males and 38 females, of 30-60 years age, selected randomly from Sheikh Zayed Hospital Lahore. Creatinine clearance was calculated from serum creatinine and 24 hours urinary volume and urinary creatinine for all study subjects and they were divided into 4 groups on the basis of creatinine clearance.

Results: Serum and urinary β2 Microglobulin levels were found to be raised in both male and female patients of all groups, while serum creatinine levels were in normal range in patients with creatinine clearance above 60 ml/min. Both β2 Microglobulin and serum creatinine levels were increased in parallel with the severity of renal disease. It was found that serum and urinary β2 Microglobulin had a positive correlation with serum creatinine in all groups. β2 Microglobulin showed negative correlation with creatinine clearance in all groups.

Conclusion: β2 Microglobulin correlates more closely with different levels of renal functions. It shows positive correlation with serum creatinine and negative correlation with creatinine clearance.

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