Assessment of the perceptions of health among medical students

Shaheen Akbar Agha, Muhammad Akbar Agha, Ghazala Usman, Zehra Agha


Background: Today the world has focused its attention on a healthy life-style. Good health does not depend simply on the 3D’s notion that is, doctor, drugs & disease. While they are undeniably important there are many other influences on health. Progressing social and behavioral sciences are comfortably paving way into the health profession, such that they are altering the perceptions of health and disease. This study was conducted to evaluate the mindset of medical students regarding the concept of health and fitness.

Material & Methods: A cross-sectional research study design was conducted to find out what the medical students think about ‘health.’ A simple random sample of 100 students from a lecture session was taken, and a structured interview with 18 questions to gather views on concepts of health was recorded.

Results: 21% responded positively for ‘enjoying being with friends & family’, 15% on ‘having all the parts of my body in good healthy condition’ & 13% on ‘feeling peace with myself.’ All 3 opinions indicated the strong influence of social, cultural & emotional factors affecting health.

Conclusion: Subjective well-being - that is people’s evaluations of their lives in terms of both their thoughts, emotions and happiness contribute to the understanding of the philosophy and dimensions of health concepts.

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