Tuberculosis as a cause of small bowel obstruction in adults

Nisar Ali, Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Israr


Background: Tuberculosis is a major health problem in developing countries. Abdomen is the next common site after lungs. The objective of this study was to know about the different patterns of abdominal tuberculosis presenting as small bowel obstruction in adults.

Material & Methods: This was a descriptive study carried out in Surgical Unit, Saidu Teaching Hospital, Saidu Sharif, Swat. Patients age >14 years operated for small bowel obstruction were included in this study.

Results: Among 193 patients with small bowel obstruction, in 42(21.76%) the cause of obstruction was tuberculosis. In these patients 20(47.61%) had adhesions and bands, 17(40.47%) strictures, 3(7.14%) ileocaecal mass and 2(4.76%) had adherent small bowel with enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes.

Conclusion: Tuberculosis is the leading cause of small bowel obstruction in our set up. The commonest modes of obstruction are bands, adhesions and strictures.

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