Donor deferral: evaluation of causes on pre donor screening

Shahtaj Khan, Noor Rehman, Fazl e Raziq


Background: Providing fully safe blood products is a major problem all over the world. One of the most important steps in improving the safety of blood and blood products is donor selection. This study was conducted with the objective to determine and categorize the deferral of potential blood donors.

Methods: This study was conducted at blood bank of North West General Hospital Peshawar, from May 2009 to May 2011. All donors were screened before donation by detailed interview on a structured Performa and physical examination. The donors were classified as fit for donation or deferred donors. Those found fit were sent for predonation screening. The deferred donors were divided into temporary and permanent.

Results: Total 3617 pre-donation screening interviews were conducted. Among these 3454(95.49%) donors were males and 163(4.50%) females. Out of which 3302(91.30%) donors were found fit on initial interview screening for donation and 315(8.70%) were found unfit. Majority of deferrals, 256(81.26%) were due to temporary reasons while permanent deferrals were 59(18.73%). The causes of temporary deferrals were hypotension (22.22%), anemia (13.33%), history of jaundice (9.52%), low body weight (6.03%). Donors on medication were also deferred (5.07%). Those who had donated blood in the last three months or received blood in the last six months were also deferred. Hypertensives (11.11%), donors who had undergone major surgery (4.44%), chronic infections (1.90%), epileptics and type 1 diabetes were permanently deferred.

Conclusion: In our study 8.70% donors were found unfit on pre-donation screening by structured questionnaire and physical examination. Among these deferrals, the majority (81.26%) was for temporary reasons.

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