Comparative study of manual and ultrasonographic measurement of fetal renal length

Farhat Abbas, Muhammad Javed, Hamid Ali, Fidaulah Wazir


Background: There is linear increase in renal length with gestational age. This study was conducted to assess the reliability of fetal renal length obtained by ultrasonography with the manual measurement.

Methods: In this cross-sectional study 100 pregnant ladies of 2nd & 3rd trimester were selected for sonographic renal length study on weekly basis. Thirty dead born fetuses of 2nd and 3rd trimester were studied. Their kidneys were dissected out and measured manually. Measurement of both samples was compared.

Results: Insignificant differences were observed between the sonographically and manually measured renal length at each gestational week of pregnancy.

Conclusion: Sonographically measured fetal renal length is accurate and useful tool for assessment of fetal renal growth and well being.

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