Taimoor Hassan, Sana Saeed, Ashfaq Ahmad, Farooq Ahmed, Yasir Ali, Shehzad Khalid


A plethora of synthetic, hybrid and biological polymers are widely being used in medical applications. Many polymers are helpful in our civic activities. Their peculiar chemical, physical, and biological properties are applicable in multiple domains of life from engineering to medicine. This review specifically addresses the novel polymers and their applications in clinical medicine. It has been reported by the researchers that, synthetic polymers are not only playing tremendous roles in micro and macro medical-industry but these also play a remarkable role at nano levels as nano-drug carriers in pharmaceuticals. In this review, we will give a brief introduction of polymers and how they are widely being used in medicinal interventions. We will further shed light on the future prospects of polymers with an updated version.


Clinical Medicine; Biomedical Polymers; Nanoparticle-Drug Delivery Systems; Synthetic Polymers; Polymers.

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