Hindreen Youns Najm, Salih Mustafa Salih, Goran Aboobaker Osman, Dara Abdulla Al-Banna, Rawnd Musheer Hawezy, Amanj Yassin Hamad Amin, Mustafa Gailan Mohammed, Khaleed Mohammed Shaikhah, Madiha Abbas Mohammad


Background: Job satisfaction is one of the most vital factors that define efficiency and productivity of human resources. Nurses constitute major professional group among healthcare workers. The main objective of the study was to assess the level of job satisfaction regarding working environment, duty hours and salary among nurses working in public hospitals in Erbil City.

Materials & Methods: A quantitative, Cross-sectional study conducted on non-probability, and purposive sample of 225 nurses, chosen from governmental hospitals. The data were collected between April to September 2020 by direct interview and filling of a standardized questionnaire.

Results: A total number of 225 nurses participated in this study, of whom 54.2% were male. Nearly all the nurses were permanent employees among whom more than 72% were married. More than three-fourths of the nurses had a monthly income less than 1 million Iraqi dinars and 66% of nurses stated that they were satisfied with their job environment and duty hours at a high level, and just 8.4% of them were not satisfied with their jobs. The salaries were not satisfactory for 43.6% of the nurses, but 21.3% and 35.1% were satisfied and a little satisfied with their salaries respectively.

Conclusion: Investigating more amounts of money in improving the organizational climate encourages nurses to be active, share knowledge and promote innovation, while improving the level of their satisfaction. Finally, it was revealed that satisfied employees have a key role in the success rate of an organization.


Nurse; Job satisfaction; Working environment; Duty hours; Governmental hospitals.

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