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We all know that life is a journey between birth and the inevitable end, which is death. This means that once there is birth, death has to happen. Of course timing of death after birth is not always predictable. By social conditioning, birth is a time to rejoice, but death, a time to mourn which means death can cause immense pain and suffering not only to the person with terminal illness or extreme old age but also to the immediate family members and friends. So it has become important to provide such people emotional, spiritual and physical support.
Death may occur suddenly as in accidents, some physical ailments, natural calamities etc. Nothing much can be done in these situations except providing support / counseling to the surviving near and dear. But death due to old age and some incurable disease are to some extent predictable. We can strive to make their terminal life less painful and more meaningful as care providers. One must realize that he should give the maximum to the society while alive since he can carry nothing at the time of departure from this world. The contents of a book ‘Die empty’ by Todd Henry will be useful in communicating with these individuals.


Birth; Death; Inevitable; Palliative care.

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