Seasonal Variation in Eosinophil Count in Normal Healthy Adult Females

Jane Alam, Fayaz Qureshi, Muhammad Imran Suliman, Zaheeruddin Qureshi


Background: Eosinophil count is influenced by variations in climate, culture, diet and life style. Moreover it fluctuates in a person with exercise and environmental stimuli, mainly seasonal allergen exposure. This study was conducted to know the effect of pollen peaks on eosinophil count in normal, non-allergic adult women.

Material & Methods: This experimental study was carried out in Women Medical College, Abbottabad, Pakistan. Forty-five teen age girls, newly admitted in medical college, normal on medical examination, chest radiograms and stool examination, free from any allergic disorder, were enrolled. Samples of blood were taken for eosinophil count in the morning in May when pollen concentrations are on peak in Abbottabad. EDTA was used as anticoagulant and modified Dungar solution to make a dilution of 1:20. Eosinophil count was performed with Neubauer’s chamber using Dacie JV method. The results recorded were compared with counts noted one month before and after.

Results: Mean eosinophil counts were higher in peak pollen month i.e. May (Mean+SD=156.88±55.17) as compared to the counts taken one month earlier (Mean+SD=148±48.92). Forty subjects out of 45 (88.88%) showed increase in their basal eosinophil count carried out a month earlier in April but the results were not statistically significant. The study conducted after one month revealed a decrease in eosinophil count in 38 (84.44%) subjects. Mean eosinophil count turned out to be (Mean+SD=140±50.69). but when statistically checked it also turned out to be insignificant.

Conclusion: Small insignificant variation in blood eosinophil count occurs in relation to changes of natural pollen exposure in healthy adult females.

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