Riaz Ahmed Mangi, Kainat Zulfiqar Ali, Yasmeen Siyal Siyal, Aliat Murk Murk, Ramsha Khoso Khoso, Sumera Bhellar Bhellar, Nadira Shah Syed, Masood Ahmed Unar


Background: Ischemic heart disease (IHD) is also the main cause of mortality in Pakistan, so it is necessary to identify the risk factors among the general population at earlier stages of that precious lives can be saved. Objectives of the study were to determine the frequency of ischemic heart disease at the age of 30 years and above at tertiary Care Peoples Medical College hospital Nawabshah and identify the associated risk factors of ischemic heart disease at tertiary care Peoples Medical College, Nawabshah.

Materials & Methods: This descriptive Cross-Sectional study was conducted at PMC Hospital Nawabshah from Nov 2022 to Dec 2022. About 245 known ischemic heart disease patients were interviewed through structured questionnaire, who visited in CCU (OPD) & ward. The information about associated risk factors like age, gender, education, Smoking, BMI, and nutrition was collected by non-probability convenience sampling and data was analyzed by using SPSS version 25.

Result: The prevalence of ischemic heart disease in district Nawabshah was 22%. The main associated factors were the age with risk 32% in age group of 51-60 year, males are 52.65% and 47.35% female, and illiterate 69.80%, 14.69% are primary literate, 42.45% house wife female, 22.86% labours and overweight 35.10%.

Conclusion: It was concluded in our study that IHD is a major public health problem and there is need to improve education systems, increase awareness about health and health related risk factors related to IHD in the communities.


Ischemic heart disease; associated risk factors; PMCH; Nawabshah.

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