Zubair Ahmad Khan, Omer Nasim, Zeinab Hussain, Jamil Ahmad


Thirty five years old women presented to the Accident and Emergency Department with acute onset right upper quadrant abdominal pain with normal vitals. CT images revealed a malrotation causing midgut volvulus and intestinal obstruction. On emergency exploratory laparotomy, the gut loops showed partial ischemia due to a double twist at the root of mesentery and malrotation of the gut along with the caecum which was mobile coming from left iliac fossa and lying in the right iliac fossa. Duodeno-jejunal junction was identified. The coils of the intestine were untwisted and rotation was corrected. The gut color changed back to normal. She was discharged painless after routine post-operative care.


Malrotation; Volvulus; Intestinal Obstruction; Mesentery; Duodenum; Small Intestine.

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