Causes of Microbial Keratitis in Patients Attending an Eye Clinic at Peshawar

Sadia Sethi, Mohammad Junaid Sethi, Rashid Iqbal


Background: Microbial keratitis is a potentially sight threatening disorder and the leading cause of monocular blindness worldwide. This study was conducted to find out the causes of microbial keratitis in our set up.

Patients & Methods: It was a prospective study performed at Augenklinik, Khyber Medical Centre, Peshawar, from January 2007 to December 2009. Patients with infective corneal ulcers were included in the study. Age, sex, cause of ulcer and the results of scrapping were recorded.

Results: In 100 patients with clinically diagnosed microbial keratitis, 67(67%) were males and 33(33%) females. Nineteen (19%) were children <16 years, 69(69%) adults 17-60 years, and 12(12%) were old >60 years of age. Ocular trauma was the most common cause found in 39(39%) patients. Twenty-two (22%) cases showed positive culture. Pseudomonas was the most common organism cultured in 5(5%) of the cases.

Conclusion: Corneal infections are more common in the middle aged men. Ocular trauma is the leading cause. Pseudomonas is the most common organism causing bacterial keratitis.

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