Role of Utrasonograpy in the assessment of early pregnancy

Muhammad Asghar, Yasmeen Fatima


Background: Early pregnancy after marriage strengthens the marital relations and improves the status of women in the family. This study was conducted to review normal embryonic development and to identify the sonographic features of early normal and abnormal pregnancies.

Material & Methods: This descriptive study was carried out at DHQ Teaching Hospital, Dera Ultrasound Clinic and Combined Military Hospital, D.I.Khan, from 1st January 2011 to 30th June 2011. Patients were advised to drink plenty of water for proper filling of urinary bladder. Patients with history of one to three months amenorrhea were studied.

Results: Out of 875 patients, 75(8.57%) were with no pregnancy, 501(57.25%) with normal single pregnancy, 5(0.57%) with abnormal single pregnancy, 18(2.05%) with normal twin pregnancy, 2(0.22%) with abnormal twin pregnancy, 4(0.45%) with normal triplets. Missed abortion were seen in 90(10.28%) patients along with 41(4.68%) incomplete and 37(4.22%) complete abortion cases. 34(3.88%) patients were seen with threatened abortion while 45(5.14%) were having blighted ovum. Hydatiform moles were seen in 11(1.25%) and ectopic gestations in 5(0.57%) cases. Malformed pregnancies were seen in 7(0.87%) patients.

Conclusion: Ultrasonography remains the imaging method of first choice for diagnostic evaluations in the first trimester routine and emergency patient.

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