Decline in Breast-feeding: What are the factors responsible?

Mohammad Hussain


Objective: Breast-feeding is on decline (1,2). The objective of this study is to determine factors responsible for discontinuation of continued breast-feeding among mothers.

Design: Community-based, Descriptive and cross sectional household survey.

Place and Duration of Study: This study was carried out in different localities of urban area of city, Dera Ismail Khan during month of July 2003.

Subjects and Methods: It is cross-sectional study, interviewing one hundred and seventy six samples consisting of mothers who discontinued breastfeeding before 2 years. Questionnaire was constructed on basis of focuss group discussion. Informations was collected and then analyzed.

Statistical Analysis: Descriptive statistical methods.

Results: The result of this mini-survey showed a major reason behind the discontinuation of breastfeeding at early period is having not enough milk in their breasts (54%). The second major reason say that their babies were not feeling well after receiving their breast milk (23%). Other reasons discovered in this study is that their babies were still feeling hungry after breast fed (10%), difficult to give enough time for lactation as doing work outside home (6%), fear of loss of physical attraction (4%) and milk dried up (3%).

Conclusion: Breastfeeding is important determinant of nutritional status of child which in turn influences growth and development of child. In future, breastfeeding promotion campaign may include stress on continued breastfeeding and underlying barriers as explored in this study should be fully addressed.

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