Muhammad Hamayun Khan, Nasim Saba, Muhammad Bilal, Neelam Mehsud


Background:For endoscopic visualization of the peritoneal
cavity, pneumoperitoneum has to be created. This study was conducted to compare the mean time consumption for creation of pneumoperitonium from open (transumblical) and closed (Veress needle) method in laproscopic surgery.
Material & Methods: It was a cross sectional study conducted at Department of Surgery, Gomal Medical College, D.I.Khan, from March 1, 2014 to August 30, 2014. One hundred and thirty patients were selected using consecutive sampling. The patients enrolled in the study were admitted patients of both genders requiring laparoscopic surgery. Females with third trimester pregnancy, and patients with midline laparotomy scar were excluded. Informed consent was taken from every patient before surgery. They were divided in two equal groups selected using random number table; Group A= Closed (VN) and Group B= Open (Transumblical). Time for the creation of pneumoperitoneum was calculated. It started from the incision until creation of 14 mmHg intra-abdominal pressure. Qualitative variables like gender, diagnosis, complications were presented as percentages. Continuous variables like age and time for creating pneumoperitoneum were presented as Mean ± Standard Deviation. Data was analyzed using SPSS version 10. The significance of difference between time taken by either procedure was measured by Independent sample ‘t’ test. P ≤0.05 was taken as significant.
Results: Time required to insert laparoscope was significantly different in both groups; 125.56±6.2 seconds for Veress needle group and 90.6±2.02 seconds for open (transublical) group.
Conclusion: Open (transumbilical) method of creation of pneumoperitoneum is much less time consuming than closed (Veress Needle) technique.

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