Pattern of Medical Disorders in Adults in District Lakki Marwat, Pakistan

Muhammad Usman, Shazia Tabassum, Ikram-ullah Khan


Background: The objective of this study was to determine the pattern of various diseases /problems with which the patients present to a medical specialist in District Lakki Marwat.

Material & Methods: A total of 862 patients ranging in age between 15 and above from various parts of district Lakki Marwat, presenting to a weekly based clinic were studied from March, 2006 to June 2006. A printed proforma containing details of history, findings of clinical examination and reports of investigations was filled for each patient. After completion of the study period proformas were grouped in a systematic way and were studied to achieve the objective.

Results: Overall females dominated the picture. The highest number of patients fell in the group of cardiovascular diseases with a total of 222 (25.75%) patients followed by disorders of gastrointestinal system in 146 (16.93%) patients. Respiratory problems were observed in 126 (14.61%) patients. Sixty patients (6.96%) presented with Rheumatological problems, 40 (4.64%) with problems related to CNS, 34 (3.94%) with endocrine diseases, 16 (1.85%) with Uro-genital disorders, 12 (1.39%) with infectious disorders and 4 (0.46%) with metabolic problems. A group named miscellaneous comprised of 144 (16.74%) patients who had nonspecific symptoms like headache, giddiness, body-aches and weakness with no positive findings on clinical examination. Fifty eight patients(6.72%) had both diabetes mellitus and hypertension.

Conclusion: The number of female patients presenting to physician are more than the male patients in District Lakki Marwat. Hypertension is the commonest disorder and majority is unaware of their high blood pressure.

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