Importance of screening for glycosuria and proteinuria in antenatal care

Aziz Marjan Khattak, Hafiz Allah Nawaz, Habib-ullah Khan, Mubeena Rehman Soomro, Qurban Ali Khaskheli, Bushra Ashiq


Background: The identification and treatment of women with gestational diabetes mellitus continues to be controversial due to the costs involved in the screening and treatment, even in developed countries. Proteinuria is pathognomonic of a number of renal diseases, a high-risk condition for complications associated with pregnancy. Glycosuria and Proteinuria can be screened with cost effective methods in almost every set up of health facility of our country. This study was designed to know the prevalence of glycosuria and proteinuria in pregnant women as study group and non-pregnant women as control.

Material and Methods: This study was designed and conducted in Basic Medical Sciences Institute, JPMC, Karachi, form September 2001 - March 2002. Group A consisted of 290 pregnant women apparently normal and group B 70 non-pregnant women of fertile age group. Midstream urine of at least 4 hours stay in bladder was processed for screening glycosuria and proteinuria. The two groups were statistically compared by χ2 test.

Results: Out of 290 pregnant women, there were 8 cases (2.75%) found with glycosuria and 16 (5.5%) with proteinuria and 2 cases (0.68%) with glycosuria as well as proteinuria. In group B 5 (7.14%) with glycosuria, 6 (8.57%) with proteinuria and one case (1.42%) with glycosuria as well as proteinuria. The χ2 test for the results reported P value > 0.05 showing pregnancy as independent variable and it is prepregnant situation which continued in pregnant condition.

Conclusion: Screening for glycosuria and proteinuria and its treatment should be ensured at prepregnant status. All women with glycosuria and proteinuria during pregnancy should be labeled risk cases for further investigations. All paramedics working in primary level health centers should be trained in testing proteinuria and glycosuria and the facility made available for public.

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