Jahanzeb Khan Afridi, Rahida Karim, Hidayat Gul, Mukhtiar Ahmad Afridi, Muhammad Ibrahim


Background: Asymptomatic bacteriuria (ASB) in not an uncommon disease in children. It may lead to symptomatic infection and later on renal damage. The objectives of this study were to determine the prevalence of ASB and its distribution by sex and age groups in children coming for routine immunization in District Peshawar, Pakistan.

Material and methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in Department of Pediatrics, Khyber Girls Medical College, Peshawar, Pakistan form March 2017 to August 2017. 146 children presenting for routine immunization were selected. Sex, age groups, age in years and presence of ASB were variables. Sex, age groups and presence of ASB were analyzed by count and percentage with 80%CL. Age in years was analyzed by mean, SD and range with 95%CI.

Results: Out of 146 children, 65 (44.52%) were males and 81 (55.48%) females, and 51 (34.93%) in age group ≤3 years, 52 (35.62%) in 3.0-6.50 years and 43 (29.45%) in 6.51-10 years. Mean age of sample was 4.82±2.81 (09-9.50, range 8.60) (95%CI 4.36-5.28) years. ASB was found in 16 (10.96%) cases. Prevalence of ASB was higher 4.11% in boys than 6.856% girls. It was highest 6.85% in age group 3.0-6.50 years, followed by 2.74% in 6.51-10 years and 1.37% in age group ≤3.0 years.

Conclusion: Asymptomatic Bacteriuria is quite common in our children. It is a significant health risk especially among females, and we suggest more studies to find out the underlying factors and follow up studies on its complications.


Bacteriuria, Asymptomatic Bacteriuria; Urine; Urine Culture; Immunization; Children; Prevalence; Distribution; Sex; Age Groups.

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