Nazia Yousef, Kabir Ozigi Abdullahi, Kousar Perveen, Sadia Khan, Hussain Ahmad


Background: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. The objective of this study was to determine the impact of educational training on neurological assessment skill of female nurses in evaluating traumatic brain injury patients through Glasgow Coma Scale in Lahore General Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan.

Material & Methods: This quasi-experimental one group pre-posttest design study was conducted at Lahore School of Nursing, Faculty of Allied Health & Sciences, The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan from April 3, 2021 to May 15, 2021. Pre-test neurological assessment skill of 70 nurses was noted by an observer, two weeks educational training was given and four weeks later on, post-test score was noted. For neurological assessment skill, a 20 items observatory checklist was used. Age groups, marital status, job experience, work experience in recent department and work place were four demographic, while neurological assessment skill score was one research variable. Paired sample t test was used for hypothesis testing.

Results: Out 70 nurses, 26 (37.1%) were in age group 25-30 years, 18 (25.7%) in 31-35, 16 (22.9%) in 36-40, six (8.6%) in 41-45 and four (5.7%) in 46-50 years. Marital status was; 36 (51.4%) single, 27 (38.6%) married, three (4.3%) divorced and four (5.7%) widow. Job experience was; eight (11.4%) had <2 years, 33 (47.1%) 2-5 years, 25 (35.7%) 6-10 years and four (5.7%) had >10 years. Work experience in recent department was; 16 (22.9%) had <1 year, 39 (55.7%) 1-3 years, 13 (18.6%) 4-5 years and two (2.9%) had >5 years. Work place was Trauma Unit in 12 (17.1%), neurosurgery ICUs in 38 (54.3%) and surgical units in 20 (28.6%) cases. Mean 16.89±2.52 posttest skills score was significantly higher than mean 12.56±2.67 pretest skills score (p=<.0001).

Conclusion: Our study confirmed that the effect of educational training was significant in improving neurological assessment skills of nurses in evaluating traumatic brain injury patients through Glasgow Coma Scale in Lahore General Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan. Further studies are suggested with increased sample size and multiple research settings.


Traumatic Brain Injury; Head Injuries: Brain Injuries; Neurological Assessment; Glasgow Coma Scale; Nursing Assessment, Skills; Nurses, Pakistan.

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