Percent body fat and its relationship with Obesity and Hypertension in adult population of Mingora, Swat

Rashid Ahmad, Shafiq ur Rahman, Fasseh uz Zaman, Saeed Jan


Background: The importance of fat distribution as a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases in adults is well documented. This study was conducted to evaluate the percent body fat and its relationships with prevalence of obesity and hypertension in adult population of Mingora city, Swat.

Material & Methods: The study comprised of 200 participants. Percent body fat and the prevalence of obesity according to age and sex distribution was studied. Out of 200 subjects, 75 cases were selected and divided into three groups (age and sex matched). Weight, height, body mass index, percentage of body fat and blood pressure of obese normotensive and obese hypertensive subjects were compared with control subjects.

Results: In adult males, percent body fat and prevalence of obesity were 13.26% and 21.9% respectively, while in adult females, percent body fat and obesity were 22% and 25.6% respectively. It was observed that the percentage of body fat was significantly higher in obese hypertensive than obese normotensive persons, while significant differences were found as compared to control subjects.

Conclusion: Percentage of body fat is significantly related with obesity and hypertension.

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