Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Gynecological and Obstetrical Diseases

Muhammad Asghar


Background: Ultrasonography is the investigation of choice for the diagnosis of various gynecological and obstetrical diseases. This study was conducted to confirm its investigative role.

Material & Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted at Radiology Department, DHQ Teaching Hospital, D.I.Khan from January 2009 to December 2009. Female patients with various gynecological and obstetrical problems referred for ultrasonography, were included in the study. Preparation for pelvic ultrasonography especially the full urinary bladder was obtained. Before the procedure, clinical history was also taken.

Results: During the study period ultrasonography of 2899 female patients was performed. Fourteen hundred & thirty-one patients were having findings of normal pregnancies; 205 breech presentation, 15 with breech & oblique lie, and 26 with transverse lying fetuses. Among others, 103 were threatened abortion, 68 missed /blighted ovum, 43 molar pregnancy and 48 post-natal cases with retained products of conception. Cases of placenta previa were 107, pregnancy with polyhydramnios 88, pregnancy with oligohydramnios 51, hydrocephalus 21, anencephaly 23, intrauterine dead fetuses 62, ectopic pregnancies 57, simple ovarian cysts 105, complex masses 18, polycystic ovaries 25, hypogenesis /agenesis of genitalia 13, normal antiverted uterus 245, retroverted uterus 85, uterine fibroids 55.

Conclusion: Ultrasonography is a reliable method for the diagnosis of various gynecological and obstetrical diseases.

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